Miaya's New Cria Born 3/19/15  

Miaya's little cria was born early this morning. He was almost 3 weeks late and we were worried he would be huge but happily he is only 18 pounds. We didn't look outside until 7am and by then the baby was up and walking and Miaya had already passed the placenta. He was still a little damp so we estimate he was born around 6am or a little earlier. We haven't named him yet but he is a real cutey. DAY 2: This morning it rained but the rain has stopped and it's just damp and cold. We put a weather proof coat on Ollie (we originally thought we would call him Rudy but Ollie seemed to fit him better) and since he can now find the 'milk bar' we let Miaya and Ollie out with the herd. After greetings by the herd, little Ollie started testing his gangly legs by running short distances. He's definitely enjoying his expanded world! DAY 3: We think he looks more like a 'Monty' so we are testing out that name today. He is sticking close to his Mom so far today. We just weighed him and he has gained back the pound he lost yesterday. From now on he should gain 1/2 to 1 lb a day so we'll be weighing him regularly until we know he's gaining regularly. DAY 4 and Beyond: The name 'Monty' did not feel right either so we have finally settled on Ollie. His registered name will be Oliver of Alpaca Dreams. He is doing Great! We will try and keep this photo album updated but you can also follow Ollie on our Facebook page (Alpaca Dreams, LLC) with more recent pictures.

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March 19, 2015