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Fiber Processing - Alpaca to Yarn  

For fun, I thought I would post pictures of some alpaca fiber I am processing. I still have steps to do to take it all the way to yarn but I thought I would post what I have done so far. This fiber is from our male, Ollie, who just turned 1 year a month before shearing on 4/25/16. Since he was so young, his fiber still have the cria (baby alpaca) stickiness as you can see in his 'before shearing' picture. Luckily his fiber is long so I was able to trim all the tips and the sticks, hay, etc that were sticking to the outside of the fiber, and it will still be long enough to spin. NOTE: I have to wash and dry quite a bit more fiber before I can go onto the next step in making it into yarn, so it may take a while before I post more pictures.

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May 21, 2016