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Visitors Bday Celebration 5/27/16  

Today we had 4 fun ladies visit for a birthday surprise for their friend Karen. Karen LOVES alpacas and her friends wanted to give her a special birthday so they made the 1.5 hour drive to our alpaca farm....and told Karen they were going to see bunnies! Karen was definitely surprised when she saw alpacas instead of bunnies! We love these type of visits so we put out some Happy Birthday signs and made a birthday card for Karen from our animals. We 'hid' the card on one of our display boards so Karen would find it while looking at our picture displays. It was a beautiful day and all the alpacas and llamas were out and ready for visitors. It was even hot enough that our visitors got to see our alpacas enjoying their wading pools. By the end of the visit I think Karen's friends had a better understanding of why she loves alpacas so much! How can you Not fall in love with these gentle creatures?!?

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June 05, 2016