The Wakefield Villagers, 7/5/16  

We had a fun visit today from a seniors club, the Wakefield Villagers. Our female alpacas were especially enjoying their visit since they brought carrots, apples and lettuce. And our girls were even on their good behavior....not fighting over the food!! :-) It was a super hot day (in the mid 90's) and we woke up this morning to discover we had no power to our barn....which includes our gift shop! Luckily we had the main barn door open so there was light in the main part of the barn so everyone could walk out to the girls pasture. The gift shop was pretty dark but we had brought out flashlights and luckily by opening the door and windows, there was just enough light for everyone to basically see what was displayed. The sad part though, was that the gift shop is usually air conditioned, which is a nice way to cool off after visiting the alpacas and llamas....but today it was hotter inside the gift shop than outside, which had a breeze. Everyone was a good sport though and seemed to enjoy their visit...even with the awful heat. As you can see in the pictures, the treats our visitors brought were the main hit for the alpacas!

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July 06, 2016