12th Birthday Celebration  

Our Labor Day weekend visitors started out with a really nice family celebrating their 12 year old daughter's birthday. We enjoy being a part of birthday celebrations so we had our Happy Birthday signs out and a birthday card hiding on one of the display boards. The weather was cool and the alpacas and llamas were all out in their pastures enjoying the wonderful break from the heat! After seeing all the animals, we hung out for awhile in the girls pasture, sitting at the picnic table, hoping the girls would get curious and come over to investigate...and they did! What a fun way to start the holiday weekend! The grandpa recorded a video of our girls interacting with the kids and said we can share it....here it is (you may have to copy/paste it in order to view since it isn't acting like a link): https://vimeo.com/181416452

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September 04, 2016