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Rojo the Therapy LLama's Own Book!

Rojo The Perfectly Imperfect Llama

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  • Hardcover Book

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We are so excited!!!! The author of 'Rojo The Perfectly Imperfect Llama', Shannon Joy, is allowing us to sell Rojo's new book in our farm gift shop and our farm online store. Rojo is a real live therapy llama who lives and works in the Portland, Oregon area.

You may already be following 'Rojo the Llama' on Facebook.....this is the story about how Rojo became a beloved therapy llama.

In real life, Rojo brings joy to so many people....especially those with physical challenges...and we think Rojo's book is going to bring joy to children and adults alike! Just as many people think they don't measure up to the current standards of 'beauty', Rojo goes through a similar experience but eventually realizes that even though others may see him as an 'Imperfect' llama, he is actually a 'Perfect' llama for bringing joy to other people's lives.

Rojo's book is beautifully written and illustrated! It will make a wonderful and cherished gift for children, schools, churches, libraries....anywhere they can enjoy the message that they are Perfect, especially when they bring joy to others.