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Color: White, Brown, Shaggy Brown, Dark Brown

100% Alpaca Super Fine Fiber

Teddy Bears

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  • These luxurious teddy bears are handmade in Peru by skilled artists.
  • Each teddy bear is made with 100% super fine alpaca fiber and is stuffed with hypoallergenic material.
  • The eyes are sewn on patches, Not buttons that could come off and possibly choke a child.
  • Each teddy bear is unique and ranges in height from 13" to 17".
  • NOTE: Each teddy bear is unique so you can indicate white, brown or dark brown but there may touches of other colors like with the picture of the dark brown one that has touches of white.

Product Description

These wonderful teddy bears are oh soooo soft! We can tell when someone picks one up in our farm gift shop even if we can't see what they were looking at. We hear things like 'Ohhhhhh...', and 'It's like a cloud....', and 'It's so soft it's like touching nothing.....' (that one always makes us smile :-)
These teddy bears are durable enough to be played with but of course, not too roughly.... after all, you don't want to hurt your teddy.

NOTE: Each teddy is made from guilt-free fiber. No animal is ever harmed.