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Be Gone Dryer Sheets!

Alpaca Dryer Balls - Set of 3

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Product Specs

  • All natural alpaca fiber dryer balls - 3 in a set.
  • Dryer balls range in size from approximately 2.5" to 3".
  • Colors may vary.

Product Description

Why add chemical laden dryer sheets or fabric softener to your dryer when you can just toss in some all natural alpaca dryer balls!
These dryer balls will fluff and separate your laundry, speeding up the drying time.
At least 3 dryer balls are suggested for optimal results which is why we sell them in sets of 3.
Just leave them in your dryer and they are always ready.
We have found the only time we have static anymore is when we don't get the clothes out at the end of the dryer cycle. When we forget and the dryer keeps cycling over and over for hours then sometimes we'll have a liitle static.
If you like a little scent with your clothes then you can add a drop of essential oil to each ball.
We can't guarantee how long these will last but so far the people we've talked to have said they are still using their original set after 2 or 3 years.
These also make wonderful gifts!