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Decorate Your Own LLama

Wooden Cut Out Llama - Unfinished

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Product Specs

  • 17" high from tip of ear to bottom of foot
  • 11.5" wide from tip of nose to tip of tail
  • 1/2" thick - made of .5” thick Baltic birch plywood

Product Description

This is a fun wooden llama you can paint or stain or decorate however you want to, to create your own personal llama.
The llama is beautifully cutout; is already sanded; and is a full 1/2" thick so it is sturdy.
You can decorate one side to hang on a wall or make part of a framed picture......or decorate both sides and hang in a window.
NOTE: The decorated llamas pictured here are to show examples of how you could decorate one. Eventually we will have some decorated ones listed for sale under a separate listing.